The International Training Course “Education and New Technologies” was mainly focused on practical activities. Therefore, I have just a few theoretical readings to share.

I talked about technology as an agent of change (cultural) change, and draw your attention on the social process, on connective knowledge, and on the “blend”, that is the hybrid we get by the mix between the traditional F2F learning approach and the computer mediated contribution.

Hence we have these very essential references (more can be found by googling the web):

  1. Tim O’Reilly, 2005, What Is Web 2.0.
  2. George Siemens, 2004, Connective Knowledge. A Learning Theory for the Digital Age.
  3. Charles R. Graham, 2004, Blended Learning Systems. Definition, Current Trends, and Future Directions.
  4. Fallani G., Penge S., Tettamanti P., 2019, An agnostic monitoring system for Italian as second language online learning.


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